600x300_Wichita Falls Wier Cover & Elevated Ductwork
600x300_Weatherford Ponds
600x300_Velocity graph
600x300_Repaired flume structure
600x300_PC Effluent Truogh Prior to repairs
600x300_Old DWU Central Dallas Headworks Biofilters
600x300_NTMWD Rowlett Creek Sludge Return Piping Modifications
600x300_NTMWD Rowlett Creek Lift Station Corrosion Repairs
600x300_NTMWD Rowlett Creek In-Plant Roadway Improvements
600x300_Wichita Falls Bioscrubber & Carbon Polisher
Lewisville Washer Compactor Schematic
Primary Sludge Thickeners

PECI has accepted assignments from small, privately-owned utilities and from some of the largest regional systems in the southern United States, have served as prime consultant for design of projects with construction values up to $6 million, and have served in subconsultant roles on much larger projects.

We have working alliances with several dozen other firms, ranging from smaller specialty firms to some of the world’s largest engineering companies.

We have offices in Arlington and Dallas, Texas, with individual engineers licensed in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Washington, and North Carolina.

Let us help you with your water and wastewater needs!