Lift Station Projects

Location Description Special Notes
Grand Prairie, Texas Design of new south sector lift station; ultimate capacity 12 MGD PECI design included control building and biological odor control system
Boyd, Texas Design of lift station to serve newly – constructed boyd high school campus and future school expansions Lift station is expandable to accommodate future stadium and Junior High School proposed for the site
Rockwall, Texas Design of new lift station to serve 276 homes initially; ultimate build-out to serve 1900 homes Special fencing and landscaping required
Plano, Texas Extensive structural and corrosion rehabilitation to 33 MGD plano lift station Project involved diversions of flow for rehabilitation; subsequently designed odor and ventilation improvements
Grand Prairie, Texas Chopper pump system rehabilitation for primary clarifier skimmings Project involved diversions for construction; handling of high volumes of grease and floating solids
Garland, Texas Design of grit pumping system for handling of snail-laden slurry from trickling filter process Submersible vortex pumps used for handling of high volumes of snail shells
Sherman, Texas Design of submersible pumped jet mixing system for WWTP peak flow storage basin Design replaced air diffuser system and required structural modifications to existing basin.
Grand Prairie, Texas Replacement of high-pressure filter press washwater pump system Special application pump with normal operating pressure of 1300 psi
Grand Prairie, Texas Rehabilitation of corroded wetwell and basin trough walls in high-H2S environments in primary and biosolids treatment areas PECI personnel have assisted TRA with corrosion remediation at numerous locations, and recently developed TRAÕs corrosion standards
Midlothian, Texas Design of new lift station to serve the Coventry Crossing residential development, with a capacity to initially serve 258 residential units, with design features to allow it to be used as a major basin lift station in the future PECI provided complete design of lift station including wet well, controls and related valve vaults.
Lucas, Texas Design of new 212-gpm lift station serving new residential development. Lift station is designed for current and future residences in the development.
Ferris, Texas Design of replacement of interior piping and nine dry pit solids-handling pumps for in-plant recirculation pump station Special consideration required for keeping station in service during construction.
Ferris, Texas Demolition/decommissioning evaluation for 33 MGD lift sation Long-term re-use of structure is considered.
Rockwall, Texas Capacity analysis for upgrade of existing Quail Run Lift Station with considerations for exisitng and future conditions; impeller and force main replacement. Considerations for capacity improvement for flows ranging from 2.5 MGD to 4.4 MGD.
Frisco, Texas Design of new lift station to serve 291 homes in the Hills of Kingswood residential development Design includes a bioxide system at the wet well for odor and corrosion control
Rockwall, Texas Design of new lift station to initially serve 360 homes in the Breezy Hill residential development; ultimate build-out to serve 658 homes Design allows for lift station to be expanded to accommodate ultimate capacity
Wylie, Texas Design of new lift station to serve 37 homes in the Braddock Place residential development Design includes pre-fabricated FRP wet well and valve vault with grinder pumps