Water Reuse Disinfection and Water Quality Analysis

San Marcos, Texas

PECI evaluated the existing disinfection protocol and water quality for the reclaimed water system a 9 MGD municipal wastewater treatment plant.  The evaluation, which recommended improvements to allow consistency in meeting the Chapter 210 Type I water quality requirements, was conducted as part of a larger reuse system expansion project.  This disinfection evaluation provided an initial analysis of advanced oxidation process (AOP) alternatives for meeting drinking water quality parameters.  Eight different disinfection and AOP alternatives were evaluated as part of the project.  Capital and operating costs were developed for five of the alternatives.


Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Benbrook, Texas

The Benbrook Water Authority needed to replace and upgrade equipment at the water treatment plant. As a subconsultant, PECI designed the replacement of four chain and flight sludge collectors in the sedimentation basin and specified structural repairs to selected areas of the sedimentation basin and preoxidation channel. This project is expected to be complete in the summer of 2015.