Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station Improvements

Ferris, Texas

As a subconsultant to a partnered firm we rehabilitated the sludge and thickener make-up water pumping system at the Ten Mile Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ferris, Texas.  Seven vertical end suction centrifugal pumps were replaced, suction and discharge headers were converted from welded steel to ductile iron pipe, and upgrades were made to the electrical and instrumentation systems including adjustable frequency drives for the new pumps. To minimize process downtime, provisions were put in place to allow for temporary pumping diversion – maintaining a minimum of 50% pumping capacity – while portions of the pump and piping system were rehabilitated.  The improvements utilized the available spacing inside the existing pump station and accommodated new equipment with minimal modifications.


Snail Collection basin and Slurry Pumping System

Garland, Texas

As part of a larger plant rehabilitation project, PECI designed a special settling basin to capture snails from a trickling filter process. A pumping system was designed to move the snail-laden slurry into a classifier so that snails could be deposited in a roll-off container for hauling off-site.

Dewatered Snails

Dewatered Snails Collected for Disposal

Wastewater Lift Station to Serve Mixed Use Development

Rockwall, Texas

PECI designed a 35-foot deep duplex wastewater lift station to serve a mixed-use development in Rockwall, Texas. The station featured two 289-gpm submersible pumps, a generator with automatic transfer switch, and communication with the City’s SCADA system. Construction was completed in 2014.