Plant-Wide Rehabilitation Improvements

North Texas Municipal Water District

Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. was retained by the North Texas Municipal Water District to assess and prioritize rehabilitation needs throughout the District’s 24 MDG Rowlett Creek wastewater treatment plant. The treatment facilities had been constructed and expanded under numerous contracts, with many facilities over 40 years of age. Corrosion and structural deterioration was a concern in a number of areas.

Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. served as prime consultant responsible for detailed design of the highest priority improvements. This project included extensive corrosion repairs to a number of covered concrete structures within the plant, drainage improvements inside the plant’s dewatering building, addition of a 5000 CFM bioscrubber for odor control, replacement of the plant’s aging return and waste activated sludge piping and distribution system, rehabilitation of approximately 3500 square yards of in-plant paving surfaces, and addition of access and security improvements. Construction was successfully completed in 2010 at a cost of $1.6 million.