Odor Control Facility for Large Metropolitan WWTP

Dallas, Texas

As part of a larger team, PECI designed the biofiltration odor control systems for the Dallas Water Utilities Influent Pump Station. As part of the 330 mgd pump station project, odor control facilities were needed for the lift station and influent junction box. PECI evaluated the proposed design and determined that an organic media biofilter capable of treating 36,900 cfm would be required. This airflow was carefully determined to include capture velocities for the influent area, screening channels, effluent junction, wetwell, and a large junction box upstream of the facility. To provide ease of maintenance the biofilter was constructed with a manufactured plenum system that can be driven on with construction equipment when the organic media needs to be changed. This project was completed in 2014; the odor control portion of the project was approximately $1.3 million.