Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. has worked with operations and maintenance staffs at wastewater treatment plants up to 33 MGD to develop plant-wide operation and maintenance manuals to satisfy the requirements of TCEQ and EPA.   Reviewing and cataloging numerous vendor manuals, plans and drawings, PECI created an electronic library of documents, consolidating the information of the current plant configuration into the O&M manual, and providing links in the manual to the newly-established electronic library.   Each step of the treatment process is documented and accompanied with a process flow diagram to quickly see how flow enters and exits a treatment process.  Valves, gates and equipment are also shown, and tagging to match the client’s asset tracking is included.  The manuals also included discussion on overall plant safety, incoming power and distribution, emergency operation and training.  These manuals typically include a comprehensive update of the plant’s schematics, incorporating equipment that has changed since original construction.